Enderal is coming to Steam on February 14

Gare – Monday, February 11, 2019 11:11 AM
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2016’s massive Skyrim total conversion mod, Enderal, will make its Steam debut on February 14, developer SureAI has announced. Although the project uses Skyrim’s engine (and you do indeed need to own a copy of Bethesda’s RPG to play it), it’s a completely standalone – and free! – game with its own, unique world, plotline and characters. Enderal offers anywhere between 30 to 125 hours of content for would-be adventurers, as well as professional voice acting in both English and German. It’s worth noting that the Steam version will also include Forgotten Stories, an expansion to Enderal that adds two classes (Lycantrope, Phasmalist), a bunch of new quests and various other improvements to the game.


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