Embark on a charming, quirky adventure with two protagonists in Eastward when it launches on September 16

Gare – Monday, August 16, 2021 10:30 AM
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Developer Pixpil and publisher Chucklefish have jointly revealed a September 16 release date for Eastward, a charmingly pixelated action-adventure that seems to be positively brimming with heart. Set in a world devastated by a toxic miasma, the story follows John and Sam – a rugged miner and a young girl – as they escape from the subterranean city of Sandfill and head for the surface in hopes of finding a new life for themselves – well, what they do find is tons of adventure, plenty of unique locations and a colorful cast of quirky characters to befriend. Allowing you to freely switch between controlling John or Sam, Eastward will very much expect you to make use of their unique skills in order to overcome the perils of the road – be it dungeons, environmental puzzles or hostile nasties looking for a fight. But hey, what’s a grand, globe-trotting adventure without a bit of danger, right?

Here’s the latest trailer:


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