Eight-person social deception game Project Winter gets a free weekend period

Gare – Friday, May 17, 2019 6:51 PM
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Other Ocean Interactive’s 8-person multiplayer game Project Winter is going temporarily free during the weekend, allowing anyone to dive in and try it until May 20. It’s a game about a group of survivors trying to stave off the elements while completing tasks with the hopes of eventually getting rescued, but here’s where things get interesting – among the eight players lurk a select few traitors who will do everything in their power to prevent the survivors from escaping. In other words: if you’re a traitor, you’ll have to find a way to sabotage the other players, while as a legitimate survivor, you’ll never really know who you can trust.

Project Winter is currently available at 25% off on Steam until May 20, so you can grab it at a discounted price if you end up taking a liking to it during the free period. Additionally, those who play the game before May 23 will get exclusive in-game items (a backpack and a hat) when the 1.0 version launches.


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