E3 craze 2014 – our picks for the best games and announcements /2.

Gare – Saturday, June 14, 2014 12:18 AM
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The E3 craze is still going strong, with games both new and previously announced are still vying for our attentions – so to celebrate just that, here’s a second part to our personal picks for the very best of E3.

Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation returned to instill more terror into the hearts of the unaware – the game that, according to the developers, will be every classic Alien fan’s dream come true. The new footage shown at E3 included a couple of weapons that may or may not give the player a sense of security. Nonetheless, if you think this would make Alien: Isolation into a pure action game, think again: you’ll be lucky to find a handful of bullets for your revolver, while the final ace up your sleeve, the one and only flamethrower only exists as sort of last resort, the devs tell us. What’s more, using weapons may actually do more harm than good, as the loud noise of a fired shot could very well attract unwanted attention and spell your doom. We’ve also seen a bit of the android NPCs in the game, many of them hostile and – unfortunately – highly resistant to bullet wounds or even fire. With them, you might want to resort to different tactics such as sneaking or a well-aimed EMP grenade, the demo showed.

Ori and the Blind Forest / Dark Dreams Don’t Die

A charming metroidvania called Ori and the Blind Forest won over the hearts of many a gamer with its almost Disney-esque graphics and touching trailer. The game is being developed by Moon Studios, and while not too much is known of it right now, the trailer most definitely convinced us that there is something quite special brewing here. The game is due out on Xbox One and PC.

We also learned that D4 (or Dark Dreams Don’t Die) won’t require Kinect to be played anymore, so if you’ve had your doubts about the game’s control scheme, worry no longer. In case you aren’t familiar with the title, D4 is the new project from SWERY of Deadly Premonition fame – a game in which you’ll play as David Young, a private detective who aims to un-do his wife’s death by resorting to the only logical method possible – time travel. We can’t wait to see how this will pan out, but if it ends up being only half as bizarre as Deadly Premonition, we’re already in for one hell of an experience.

Code Name S.T.E.A.M. / A. N. N. E. / Final Fantasy VII G-Bike / Tales of Xillia 2 / Tales of Hearts R

When it comes to Nintendo consoles, a number of interesting or unexpected announcements were also made, primarily for those that had already had their fill of the usual Zelda, Yoshi and Kirby feast. For example, we’ve seen the first images of Code Name S.T.E.A.M., a steampunk turn-based strategy game for the 3DS from the developers of Fire Emblem and Advance Wars; as well as a new trailer for A.N.N.E. (companies really do like their stylish abbreviations, don’t they?), a promising 2D platformer appearing on a variety of platforms, Wii U included.

In terms of what Square Enix had to bring to the show, I’m sure we can all agree that FF fans all cheered when the company finally announced a Western release of Final Fantasy Type-0 – what elicited a less positive reaction, however, was the reveal of Final Fantasy VII G-Bike, a biking game based on the same minigame from the original. Instead, the mobile-bound title was met with the expected questions of “why are you doing this and not the FF7 remake”. Still, if you’re into JRPGs, there’s little reason to worry as Namco Bandai is here to help you out, with new trailers for two upcoming games in the West, Tales of Hearts R and Tales of Xillia 2.

Final Fantasy VII G-Bike

Tales of Xillia 2

Tales of Hearts R

Night in the Woods

As far as indie games are concerned, 2013’s Kickstarter success Night in the Woods was also out on the show floor. The game – now coming to PS4 as well – stars a college dropout cat called Mae who, upon returning to her hometown, is faced with a grim realization: things are changing, she notices, and her world is not quite the same as it was in those golden bygone days. What I’ve seen of the game is nothing short of fantastic, and anyone fascinated by the questions tackled by this highly unique coming-of-age story should give at least its introductory trailer a quick look.


FPS fans may also rejoice, for id Software and Bethesda finally realized that the stars are right for a DOOM 4 teaser. The fourth installment to the mother of all FPS games is something we all knew was coming, but up until now, didn’t actually see much of. To be fair, this changed little at E3, where the most we got was a quick teaser – more information will be disclosed at the upcoming QuakeCon, we’ve been told. The event is scheduled to be held this summer from July 17 to 20.


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