Double Fine’s backer-only Broken Age documentaries go public

Gare – Thursday, March 5, 2015 12:58 PM
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Double Fine has been making Broken Age for a while now – and as many may know, they’ve documented their journey, all the way from its 2012 beginnings to, well, the present day. Presented as a periodical video series filmed by 2 Player Productions, the documentary allowed backers a very close and personal look into the everyday lives of both Schafer and his team as the project slowly but surely came into being. And now, everyone – yes, you too – will be able to watch it, as Double Fine have recently began making the videos public on Youtube. Three episodes are available at the time of writing, with more to come in the following weeks (every Tuesday and Thursday), so if you’re interested in seeing exactly what went on behind the scenes as Broken Age was being made, the documentary is a very interesting – and highly entertaining – watch.

For those that do not wish to wait, the entire series is also up for purchase for $10, with a bunch of extras and bonus videos thrown into the mix that will be made available once the main series has finished.

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