Doom-inspired FPS Hellbound gets August 4 release date and some raw gameplay footage

Gare – Thursday, July 16, 2020 3:29 PM
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1990s, will be officially launching on August 4, developer Saibot Studios and publisher Nimble Giant have announced. Very clearly inspired by undying classics such as Quake and Doom, Hellbound, as its title implies, will throw you head-first into the depths of hell, pitting you against an army of bloodthirsty demons. Which, understandably, might be a bit of a conundrum for any other protagonist, but not for the hero of Hellbound – armed with the biggest, meanest guns in existence and backed by a generous helping of roaring metal music, you have one mission and one mission only: to obliterate everything in your path with reckless abandon. For those hoping to sample the action before the official launch, there’s also a 2018-released free demo available, titled Hellbound: Survival Mode, which allows players to fight off hordes of incoming monsters on a small-ish map.

But if you’d rather see what the finished product will have in store for you in August, you might want to check out this recent gameplay trailer:

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