Donnie Yen confirms that the Sleeping Dogs movie is still underway

Gare – Tuesday, February 6, 2018 7:38 PM
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The Sleeping Dogs movie is still very much a thing, Donnie Yen implied in a recent Instagram post where he shared a number of pictures from the project. “Sometimes great things take a bit of time,” the Ip Man and Rogue One actor added. The adaptation was announced in early 2017, but news since then have been scarce, to say the least.

Sleeping Dogs – the video game, that is – was released in 2012 and placed players in the role of Wei Shen, a cop in contemporary Hong Kong who goes undercover in an attempt to take down the Chinese criminal underworld. An open world online multiplayer spinoff titled Triad Wars was also developed before being ultimately shut down in late 2015.


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