Does it Bite? – V Rising – 1.0 Very First Impressions

Emily – Saturday, June 15, 2024 5:21 PM
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As a devoted admirer of dark fantasy and vampiric realms, I was excited about the survival game V Rising years ago when it was still in Early Access. However, I decided to wait for the full release of the game before diving in. Now, you can read about my very first experiences with the 1.0 version (which was released in May) in the review below. It's important to note that even though V Rising focuses on the multiplayer experience, this review will cover only the PvE content.

GAME SETTING – A Survival Roleplaying Game with Vampires

You awaken as a vampire, weakened and ravenous, driven by an insatiable thirst to reclaim your former power and forge a dark empire. The game thrusts you into a world where survival hinges on resource gathering and castle building, all in the relentless pursuit of becoming the ultimate vampire overlord.... or something like that, because V Rising does not have an explicit, long story. Sometimes you don't even need a pre-written story to be able to build your own world and that's exactly what V rising is about.

GAMEPLAY – Defeat Enemies, Gather Resources, and Build Your Castle

Your main role is to explore the world, gain knowledge and power, defeat enemies, gather resources, and craft/build better equipment and bases.

As a blood-thirsty vampire, your food source is blood. The type and quality of blood you consume matters, as it affects your abilities. When you weaken an enemy, you have the option to drink their blood and adopt their abilities. While the adventures around the world are fun, your primary targets are the V-Blood bosses, who grant you skills and more powerful knowledge.

In your vampire castle, you can safely build various crafting stations for better equipment, a coffin for rest, and even a bone-fueled mist machine to protect you from the sun. Your creativity knows no bounds, as you can decorate your castle however you like.

Character progression is well-balanced. As you discover more, you can venture into increasingly dangerous areas and face higher-level opponents. The day-night cycle is particularly interesting; during the day, the sun burns you unless you have protection. Personally, I was very impressed by the dynamics of the environment. While adventuring with important missions – such as killing bosses and becoming more powerful – you may be attacked by vampire hunters determined to burn you to dust. Alternatively, you can encounter random treasure caravans, which you can optionally loot if you choose.

I also liked the inventory management and crafting systems. Everything was clear and easy to use, and the only headache I had was managing my own randomly looted mess in the various chests.

What Games Can It Be Compared To?

V Rising evokes a blend of familiar elements: the hack&slash combat mechanics of Diablo, the MMO dynamics of Albion Online, and the intricate construction and crafting systems reminiscent of Conan Exiles. All of this is enveloped in a dark fantasy world filled with skeletons, bandits, vampires and forest creatures, resulting in an extremely colorful and diverse world.

Overall, Is It Worth the Time?

V RisingPlatform: WindowsGenre: Action, AdventureDeveloper: Stunlock StudiosPublisher: Stunlock StudiosRelease: 05/17/2022At first glance, for those who enjoy building and crafting survival games, the PvE part is definitely worth the time and effort. The world is dark and diverse, building has numerous possibilities, combat animations and gameplay are smooth and while the endgame involves endless PvP, the PvE aspect of the game also promises hundreds of hours of fun especially if you can join the blood-sucking adventure with a couple of friends.

In the next part I will analyze the PvP part of the game, so thanks for reading and stay tuned next time!

V Rising is available on Steam and PS5.

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