Doctor Who, The Legend of Zelda and the Mayan apocalypse discovered in COD: Ghosts

Hora – Saturday, November 9, 2013 9:50 PM
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Although Call of Duty: Ghosts has only been out for mere days, eagle-eyed players have already discovered a number of easter eggs hidden within the game.

Doctor Who, The Legend of Zelda and the Mayan apocalypse

During a mission titled „Federation Day”, we may spot a number of interesting items on our way out of the skyscraper, all placed on an office shelf.

The middle one is a rupee, the well-known currency of The Legend of Zelda franchise, sporting the following inscription: Awarded for Most Bushes Cut and Pots Smashed.

On the left, we have the spitting image of T.A.R.D.I.S, the time machine as seen in Doctor Who. Although it can't quite be made out from this angle, the inscription says:Award for Largest Interior with Smallest Exterior.

And finally, on the right is an award for mankind's successful evasion of the apocalypse (Given for: World Not Ending 2012), no doubt as a nod towards the general controversy regarding various end-of-the-world scares. Behind it we can see the so-called Boring Award 2022 –other than being quite funny in itself, it is unclear what this piece references.

Mocked by the game itself?

While playing Extinction mode, we may come across a billboard with the name „Gil's Lodge Motel” - although it appears that all of its bulbs are burned out, from time to time we can spot the phrase LOL lighting up on it.

Saving Private Ryan

The „All or Nothing” mission sees players cross paths with a soon-to-be executed soldier, who, as it turns out after checking his name, goes by the name of Ryan. The unfortunate soldier can actually be saved by killing all enemies in his vicinity, which, in turn, is a subtle reference to Spielberg's successful war film.

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