Divinity: Original Sin gets an Enhanced Edition, PS4 and Xbox One versions also confirmed

Gare – Saturday, May 16, 2015 12:22 AM
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Divinity: Original Sin, 2014’s (potentially co-op) RPG adventure is getting a hefty upgrade in the near future, developer Larian revealed just recently. And – aside from the obvious PC release – it’s coming to PS4 and Xbox One as well. Since consoles have just entered the mix, the game’s Enhanced Edition will include split-screen co-op functionality, as well as a user interface optimized for controllers. As it usually is the case with such editions, there’s also going to be plenty of extra content to sink your roleplaying teeth into, including new quests, full voice acting for dialogue, a rewritten story and a new ending. The game, however, will be its own thing, with its own Steam entry, so old save games from vanilla Original Sin will not be compatible with the new release, scheduled to be released later this year. Here’s the best part for PC owners, though: if you already own Original Sin, you will receive a copy of the Enhanced Edition for free.

Larian also remembered to mention that the Enhanced Edition was not, in fact, one of the two mystery RPG projects currently in development at the company, so worry not, there are still two surprises to be revealed in the future.


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