Disgaea 5’s PC version has been delayed to summer 2018

Gare – Thursday, May 3, 2018 3:01 PM
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Nippon Ichi Software’s colorful tactical RPG Disgaea 5 was going to hit Steam on May 7. However, in a recent update posted on the game’s official Steam page, publisher NIS America revealed that due to a technical problem that arose during the beta testing period, Disgaea 5’s Steam launch had to be pushed back to a fairly vague “Summer 2018” release window. Recently, those with an Alienware account could sign up for a free demo key, but according to NISA, the keys had to be disabled. The company, however, plans to distribute new demo keys in the future once they’re sure the game is ready for launch.

Finally, those who would like to opt for a refund can do so by following a link provided by the publisher in the very same update post.


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