Diablo 4 announced, will feature a non-linear campaign with a shared open world

Gare – Monday, November 4, 2019 3:27 PM
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Diablo 4 was officially announced by Blizzard at this year’s BlizzCon, and let’s be honest, we were probably all sort of expecting it. The announcement itself is hardly the only thing the company revealed at the convention, though: we’ve also learned a few things about how Diablo 4 will be different compared to its predecessor.

What is immediately obvious at first glance is that the game appears to return to a notably darker tone that aligns more with that of Diablo 2 – creepier dungeons, a more oppressive atmosphere, you get the idea. You’ll be able to slay your demonic foes with five customizable classes, three of which, the barbarian, the sorceress and the druid, have already been unveiled at BlizzCon. We’ve also learned that the game will takes place in a so-called shared open world (kind of like an MMO, with fellow players exploring the same areas as you) broken up into five major regions with weather effects and a day-night cycle – however, this also means that a constant internet connection will indeed be required to play. Diablo 4’s campaign will be largely non-linear, giving players the freedom to go and do whatever they want in any order they see fit. Blizzard is also promising hundreds of randomized dungeons to loot and explore across the world, either alone or alongside other players.

Cinematic Trailer

Diablo 4 is in development for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but according to Blizzard, it won’t be out anytime soon.

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