Demo for sci-fi fantasy visual novel Fault Milestone Two now on Steam

Gare – Monday, April 13, 2015 9:52 AM
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Fault Milestone One was a visual novel originally released in 2013, then localized in 2014 by Sekai Project through an ambitious Kickstarter project – the game followed the adventures of a princess and her loyal guardian as they try to journey back to their home country after being teleported away to an unknown, faraway land.

A year has passed since then, and a sequel, aptly titled Fault Milestone Two, is on the way. If you’ve played the original and are itching for a bit more of the story, we have good news: there’s now a demo available on Steam, so you can plunge into the adventure right away.

Fault Milestone Two – the full game, that is – is scheduled to be released sometime later this year.


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