Defense is the best offense – charming action-puzzler SeaRing gets playable demo

Gare – Friday, January 14, 2022 3:32 PM
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The rather appropriately named indie development studio of SeaRing Team has announced the release of a free playable demo for SeaRing, an action/puzzle game starring a princess of the seas. Said princess ends up washed up on shore one day, but she’s on a mission: indeed, she must venture into the arid deserts – the realm of fire, basically – and reclaim her mother’s crown. As you might expect, her journey will be filled with countless quirky NPCs, various puzzles to solve, and fierce battles to… not engage in. To clarify: SeaRing’s princess heroine is unable to attack, but the titular Sea Ring allows her to be protected from harm… which, I suppose, is the next best thing. Right? Right.

In any case, those interested in sampling a brief snippet of the adventure can download the playable demo via Steam.


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