Deckbuilding roguelite Dungeon Drafters is getting a backer demo

Gare – Wednesday, March 11, 2020 2:35 PM
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Dungeon Drafters, a 2D roguelite with an emphasis on cards and deckbuilding, has entered its final week on Kickstarter – what’s more, developer Manalith Studios is using the last days of the campaign to put out a playable demo version for backers and streamers to try. The demo will be available to streamers and content creators on March 12 and to backers on March 13; it will include a brief segment of the game, namely the first floor of the tutorial dungeon.

Dungeon Drafters is a dungeon-crawling roguelite where you play as The Mage, a budding sorcerer with a knack for using cards to cast spells – you’ll get to explore dungeons, defeat various enemies, find juicy loot and collect cards in order to build the spell-deck of your dreams. Oh, and there will also be fishing, because why not.

Dungeon Drafters is expected to launch in July 2021 for PC and Nintendo Switch.


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