Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut – now out on PC as well

Gare – Friday, November 8, 2013 2:02 PM
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It would be a grave mistake to write off Hidetaka Suehiro's cult-classic horror adventure Deadly Premonition as nothing more than just another horror title out of many, for it offers far more than its average peers. Love it or hate it, one thing is for sure: Deadly Premonition is nothing if not memorable. The improved Director's Cut, released only recently, adds a number ofnew things to appeal to those that have already experienced this fantastically bizarre Twin Peaks-like adventure.

The mysterious Raincoat Killer

Enjoyment of Deadly Premonition's story largely depends on how much we can appreciate its rich, sanity-defying world. The game itself begins with veteran FBI agent Francis York Morgan arriving in the small town of Greenvale to investigate the grisly murder of young woman. The locals tell tales of the supernatural Raincoat Killer that takes victims on every dark, stormy night, and so it is up to York and the player to shed light on the truth buried deep beneath Greenvale's inviting appearance. The story might have its mundane beginnings, but ends with a series of crazy twists and events that players will no doubt remember for years to come. Spoiling more would ruin most of the game's fun, but if one thing can be said of Deadly Premonition, it's that it delivers suspense and -much like a good television series-, makes the player eager to find out more and more about its twisting mysteries with each new chapter – who is the killer and why did he do what he did? How does it all tie into York's FBI backstory? With enough patience, all will be answered.

Bizarrely memorable scenes

Deadly PremonitionPlatform: PC, PS3, XBox360Genre: Survival HorrorDeveloper: Access GamesPublisher: Rising Star GamesRelease: 02/17/2010Rated: 18+PEGIThe game, roughly speaking, is split into two different parts: one consisting of exploring the streets of Greenvale and interacting with its residents, solving a side quest or four along the way; while the other part will focus mainly on Resident Evil 4-esque shooting mechanics in a nightmarish fight against the supernatural forces that aim to stop York. Time passes even as we go about exploring the town of Greenvale (in fact, York will grow a beard in time, provided we don't shave) –the game also includes a day-night cycle with residents going about their daily lives, not entirely unlike in an Elder Scrolls title or -to bring up a more apt example- older games such as Majora's Mask or Harvest Moon. Although the shooting bits do make up the not-so-fun part of the gameplay, it is very much worth surviving them -in more than one sense- just to be able to see how the main storyline unfolds. The game boasts of a great number of bizarrely memorable scenes that will no doubt shock, confuse and amuse many – in a way, Deadly Premonition, for lack of a better expression, somehow manages to be both hilarious, laughable and brilliant at the very same time. Furthermore, the Director's Cut edition of the game includes improved controls and HD graphics, as well as a brand new epilogue that extends the original ending.

In summary, Deadly Premonition is most definitely not everyone's cup of tea. Those, however, that are willing to look past its peculiarities, its less than stellar shooting segments and outdated graphics, will gain a truly unique experience that no other game in the genre can provide.

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