DayZ – Survive in the undead-ruled wastelands. Alone

Gare – Friday, December 27, 2013 12:49 PM
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Thanks to Steam Early Access, interested fans can already try DayZ, the new online survival horror FPS from Operation Flashpoint/ARMA developer Bohemia Interactive – the game originally started out as an ambitious mod for ARMA2 but eventually evolved into a full-fledged title. It plans to throw players into a world of constant struggle – one of the first and most important lessons to be learned is that each player is dependent only on his own skills and wit in order overcome and survive the hardships presented by daily life in the undead-ruled wastelands.

An interesting dilemma to be found among various forms of entertainment media dealing with the zombie apocalypse is the following: just what is it that makes these tales fascinating and terrifying to begin with? Many will claim that the real horror lies not in the shambling corpses, but rather the severe mental strain caused by the end of the world scenario, as well as the urgent need to survive. In many cases, the real monsters are not necessarily the dead, but often the living. A recurring element in this type of fiction is the slow degradation of the human psyche along with a distorted sense of values and morals; we could more or less say that the apocalypse brings out the worst in us, which makes it hardly surprising to see cunning humans as a potentially greater threat compared to the hordes of the undead – The Walking Dead, in particular, is a prime example of a well-executed exploration of this theme.

Hunger, diseases, and lots of zombies

DayZPlatform: PCGenre: Action, Survival HorrorDeveloper: Bohemia InteractivePublisher: Bohemia InteractiveRelease: 12/16/2013DayZ is an interesting venture in zombie games as it attempts to push that very human element into the spotlight. Our task – as the last remnants of the human race – will be to explore the empty wastes in search of food, weapons, gear and shelter. Aside from the very direct threat of zombies, players will also have to combat the elements, taking care not to contract diseases or die of hunger. Player interaction is very much planned to be an integral part of the DayZ experience: much like in games or TV shows adapting similar scenarios, DayZ, too, has the chance to develop its own, harsh rules, where only the strong can survive and prevail. Players may form alliances or rob and betray each other for loot – some may live as lone wolves preying on everyone they meet, while others could be somewhat more trusting towards their fellow players.

Alpha version is on Steam. But far from being bug-free

The bad news is that the development process is still in its relative infancy, and the recently released alpha version is far from being bug-free – Bohemia themselves stated that fans should only purchase this release if they have no illusions regarding what they’re going to get for their money. In addition, a number of functions are still not present in the current version, but the developers promise several additions in the future, including playable vehicles, a streamlined interface, the inclusion of player-created constructions as well as many others. The game is currently available on Steam for roughly 30 dollars.

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