Dark fantasy FPS GRAVEN leaves Early Access this January

Gare – Wednesday, January 17, 2024 3:53 PM
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GRAVENPlatform: WindowsGenre: Action, Adventure, RPGDeveloper: Slipgate Ironworks™Publisher: 3D Realms, Fulqrum PublishingRelease: 05/26/2021Slipgate Ironworks, 3D Realms and Fulqrum Publishing have announced a January 23 launch date for their first-person dark fantasy action game, GRAVEN. Although the game is already out in Early Access (and has been since 2021), next week’s launch will mark the release of the full 1.0 version of the title. A modern game with a nostalgic, late 90s aesthetic, GRAVEN will put you in the role of an exiled priest who finds himself in a dangerous land threatened by eldritch horrors – eldritch horrors that he will then have to smite with spells, crossbows and various other tools of medieval murder whenever he’s not solving the game’s numerous puzzles. Naturally, the announcement of the release date means we also have a new trailer to enjoy, so go ahead and click on it below:

GRAVEN will be available on PC via Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store.

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