Dark and moody action-RPG There Is No Light launches Kickstarter campaign

Gare – Wednesday, September 9, 2020 6:52 PM
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Developer Zelart has launched a Kickstarter campaign for There Is No Light, a challenging pixel art action-RPG. Set in a dark, post-apocalyptic universe where mankind has been driven to the edge of extinction by a global catastrophe, the game will have you embark on a hellishly dangerous journey in order to rescue your kidnapped child from the clutches of a fanatical religious order. There Is No Light mixes non-linear exploration with a fast-paced, challenging combat system that utilizes a wide variety of different weapon types, each with their own unique battle skills that can only be unleashed after the player has accumulated enough Rage by dealing damage to enemies. The game will also implement a karma system, meaning that the way you treat NPCs, as well as the various decision you make during your journey, can have lasting consequences on the world – for better or worse.

For those hankering for a quick taste of the unforgiving underground world of There Is No Light, there’s also a free playable demo available to download via Steam.

Demo Gameplay
There Is No Light is set to launch in Q3 2021 for both PC and consoles.

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