Dark Souls II digital comic starts today, prepare to read!

Gare – Wednesday, January 8, 2014 2:00 PM
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Today marks the beginning of Namco Bandai’s comic book Into the Light, depicting a story taking place in the world of the upcoming fantasy action-RPG Dark Souls 2. Into the Light’s story was written by Rob Williams of Ghost Rider and Judge Dredd fame, alongside Andi Ewington, author of the book Forty-Five. The detailed illustrations populating the comic’s pages were provided by artist Simon Coleby, who had also previously worked on Judge Dredd, among others.

Into the Light will be made available for free online, with 2 new pages being released per week. Namco Bandai had also made plans to release physical copies of the comic – in limited quantities – bundled together with Dark Souls 2 launching this Spring, albeit only in select countries (for instance, UK customers will receive a signed copy of the 22-page book if they pre-order the game at Zavvi).

Although the comic is already here, and is a decent enough way to whet one’s appetite, the main course is still out of our reach – Dark Souls 2 will see its release in roughly two months, arriving to the US on March 11 and to Europe three days later, launching both on consoles (PS3, Xbox 360) and PC.

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