Dark Souls 2 soon to be on PS4 and Xbox One: new update adds extra content, 6-player online sessions and more

Gare – Tuesday, November 25, 2014 10:51 PM
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If you still haven’t gotten around to playing From Software’s latest addition to the Souls series, you might want to hold off for a bit longer. Possibly. The reason? Bandai Namco has recently announced a new version of the popular RPG, subtitled Scholar of the First Sin and scheduled to be released next April with a number of new features and updates – what’s more, it’s going to be launching not only on its current platforms, but on PS4 and Xbox One as well. For starters, the new edition will include all three pieces of the Lost Crowns DLC, along with the following updates:

  • Additional NPCs added for an enhanced story experience
  • Parameter adjustments for improved game balance
  • Augmented item descriptions
  • Improved online matchmaking functionality.

According to Bandai Namco, existing Dark Souls 2 owners will be receiving these updates via a patch. Additionally, the Xbox One, PS4 and DirectX 11 versions of the game will be getting graphical, sound and performance updates, plus an increased number of players per multiplayer session, up to a maximum of 6. Yes, you heard it right, that’s six people. At the same time.

Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin will be released on April 7, 2015, roughly an entire year after the original version’s debut, on PS3/4, Xbox 360/One and PC (DirectX9 and 11).

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