Damnation beckons you in upcoming horror-adventure game Of Love & Eternity

Gare – Thursday, April 15, 2021 4:07 PM
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Indie developer Acorn Bringer has revealed Of Love & Eternity, a haunting horror-adventure game that starts off with the unfortunate realization that you’ve died. What’s more, you’re forced to wander the mysterious landscapes of a purgatory-like realm in search of your beloved, who sadly met the same fate as you did – and unless the two of you meet and make your souls whole again, you’re doomed to be forever stuck in limbo. But don’t just ogle the pretty screenshots – you can try the game for yourself. That’s right: there’s actually a demo available that, in the words of the developer, showcases a vertical slice of the game’s various systems. You can download it from the project’s Itch.io page.

Also, do check out this trailer:

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