Cyberpunk metroidvania Blade Chimera gets a new trailer and an August launch window

Gare – Monday, May 27, 2024 7:49 PM
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BLADE CHIMERAPlatform: WindowsGenre: ActionDeveloper: Team Ladybug, WSS playgroundPublisher: PLAYISM, WSS playgroundRelease: 2024Q3Blade Chimera, the Team Ladybug-developed cyberpunk metroidvania announced last year, will be out this August instead of its originally planned launch window of Spring 2024. An “occult-inspired” metroidvania with tons of futuristic elements, Blade Chimera will have you play as Shin, an amnesiac demon hunter who’s trying to figure out exactly what happened to his missing wife while fighting off the monstrous inhabitants of his dystopian, near-future world. Now, if you’ve played Team Ladybug’s Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth, you may remember that title’s Ikaruga-esque color switching mechanic; unsurprisingly, Blade Chimera has its own gimmick as well, this time in the form of time manipulation, as Shin will be able to use his Lumina Sword to interfere with the past and use it to his advantage.

Either way, here’s a new trailer if you need a glimpse of the action:

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