Cyberpunk action-platformer Blade Assault launches Kickstarter campaign

Gare – Thursday, November 12, 2020 3:34 PM
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Team Suneat has officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for Blade Assault, a fast-paced cyberpunk action game with roguelite elements. Taking place in a dystopian world where the rich and powerful live in the sky city of Esperanza while those less fortunate must survive in the mutant-infested wastes, Blade Assault is set to feature four playable characters and non-stop pixel art action with an emphasis on highly customizable weapons. It’s scheduled to arrive first on PC via Steam, with Nintendo Switch and PlayStation ports also being planned for a slightly later date.

The Kickstarter campaign is aiming for an initial goal of $10,000, but those who’d first like to take the game for a quick spin before backing can download a free playable demo on Steam.


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