Cybernoir adventure game Chinatown Detective Agency gets free playable prologue

Gare – Monday, October 5, 2020 2:34 PM
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Developer General Interactive Co. has launched Chinatown Detective Agency: Day One, a free, playable prologue for its upcoming cybernoir adventure game. In it, you step into the role of Amira Darma, an up-and-coming private investigator and former INTERPOL agent who’s eager to get out there and get things done. And indeed, there’s plenty of things to get done – organizing your agency and team, doing real-world research and uncovering sinister conspiracies are just a few of the many obstacles you’ll be facing along the way. You can head on over to the prologue’s separate Steam page and jump right into the action.

As for the full game, it’s set to launch sometime early next year. Here’s a trailer to whet your appetite:


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