Conan Exiles’ Isle of Siptah expansion is leaving Early Access next week

Gare – Friday, May 21, 2021 5:59 PM
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Isle of Siptah, the massive expansion to Funcom’s survival RPG Conan Exiles, is gearing up for a full launch on PC, Xbox and PlayStation platforms on May 27. Originally released via Early Access in September of 2020, Isle of Siptah has since been expanded with additional land to explore, a new religion to engage with, as well as three new factions to fend off: the Stygian Mercenaries in the east, the Black Corsairs in the west, and the so-called Accursed down south. It’s also worth noting that the base game will soon be available via Xbox Game Pass as well, so if you’re already a subscriber, you’ll get to play it free of charge.

But that’s not all – we here at GTOGG are also planning to celebrate the launch with continuous live streams of the Isle of Siptah content! If you’re interested in watching, or would like to accompany us on our adventures, go ahead and follow our Twitch channel and join our Discord community! Expect surprises and giveaways!


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