Conan Exiles – GTOGG PvE-Conflict Server Rules – Isle of Siptah

Hysteria – Monday, September 21, 2020 6:44 PM
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Welcome to the barbaric realm of GTOGG!

[GTOGG Early Access] Due to popular demand, we’ve started our strictly experimental PvE-Conflict server on the island of Siptah. ??

Server information:

Map: Isle of Siptah
Name: GTOGG PvE-C [1X] ~Classic~ [Weekend raid]
(search for the word GTOGG in the server finder)

  • Start: 2020.09.18.

  • PvP schedule: weekdays 16:00-22:00, weekends: 15:00-22:00

  • Building destruction: weekends 16:00-19:00, online raid only

  • Maximum size of a clan: 5

  • Base: 2

  • Pets: a maximum of 16 per clan

  • No mods.

  • In addition to the above, every other multiplier is set to the default values.

Please keep in mind that the game itself is still only available via Early Access, meaning it’s not a finished product and will likely be full of bugs, etc. Our server settings are also rather experimental at the moment, so feel free to let us know via our Discord server if you have any ideas or suggestions about how to improve things. Also, it goes without saying that anyone found to be intentionally exploiting bugs and glitches during PvP battles will be immediately and permanently kicked off the server!

Of course, our PvE server is still up and running for anyone who wants to stick to the vanilla game.

If you run into any issues with the server, don’t hesitate to contact me (Hysteria) on Discord!

Thanks, and happy gaming! ??

Additional information (unrelated to settings):

Base sizes: You may have 2 bases and there are no restrictions on the size of them, but pay attention, that your base doesn’t block world bosses, chests, emotes, etc.

Vault limit: a maximum of 3

Thralls and pets: a total of 16 / solo player in the clan + another 2 per every new clan member

Workers don’t count.


Our server-wide rules are very simple: play nice ;)

To elaborate:

  • Be respectful of other players, particularly beginners

  • We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, be it political, religious, racial, and so on

  • The server currently operates as PvE-Conflict, meaning other players can only be attacked during a specific time frame

  • Building destruction is enabled but, similarly to the above, only during a specific time frame

  • Spawn killing is not tolerated

  • Using cheats and exploiting glitches is a bannable offense

  • Building underwater is not allowed

  • Don’t block world bosses, emotes, chests and passageways

  • You are allowed to build raid towers and raid bases. You may use 1 vault, but once you’ve transported your loot away at the end of a raid, you must completely dismantle said vault.

  • When you move, make sure to ALWAYS completely scrap your previous base. If you can’t do it perfectly, ask an admin for help.

  • You are not allowed to build lifts, stairways and ramps for the purpose of reaching Surge/chests/caves or to simply create shortcuts.

  • You’ll be able to find information about potential restarts, wipes and other technical stuff on the #conan channel of the GTOGG Discord server

  • The Conan Exiles category can be used for text-based and voice chat; this is also where you can ask any questions you may have

Using Discord is strongly recommended, as this is where you’ll find all our latest rules, votes, and any potential warnings or rule infractions that have been issued. (Similarly, if you see someone breaking the rules, this is also where you can report it)

The #conan channel, as well as the various voice channels can be used for chatting or asking questions.

IMPORTANT: Our Discord server’s Conan Exiles section can only be accessed by those who possess the @Conan Exiles role. To request the role from a bot, use the !rank Conan Exiles command in the #choose-your-destiny channel.

Additional channels:

#conan – General discussion

#server-reports – Outlaws and anomalies on the server

This is where you can report problems, rule breakers, or any mysterious anomalies you might have come across on the server. All reports will be evaluated by our team of admins, who will then decide what actions should be taken.

Please refrain from making baseless accusations against other players. Only report valid, existing issues, and don’t needlessly call for an admin! Actions like this will result in a warning.

#server-warnings – Warnings

This is where you can see all the warnings issued by our admins. A player’s fourth consecutive warning will result in a ban.

Needless to say, we very much hope this channel will remain empty ??

#conan-server-rules – Rules

This is where you’ll find our latest server rules, as well as any announcements regarding potential changes to said rules

If you run into any technical issues, please inform the admins: @Csiri or @Hysteria!

That’s it! Have fun and happy hunting! Naturally, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! :D


Discord #conan

Facebook (news)


Livestreams are occasionally on the GTOGG Twitch channel, so if you play on the server during these times, you accept that you might end up featured on our stream (aka: this is your best chance to come and troll us ??)

Please note that technical issues can occur. In such cases, feel free to let me know or leave a message via Discord (players will also be notified in advance of any potential maintenance times!)

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