Conan Exiles – GTOGG PvE Conflict Server Rules

Hysteria – Thursday, November 14, 2019 3:38 PM
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Welcome to the barbaric realm of GTOGG!

Server information:

Name: GTOGG Conan PvE-Conflict Server [5X/4X, RAID TIME @ WEEKENDS] [PC]

  • The server is PvE-Conflict

  • PvP time: weekdays at 16:00-22:00 CET; weekends at 14:00-23:50 CET

  • Building damage: only on weekends at 16:00-22:00 CET

  • Multipliers: XP: 5X ; Harvest: 4X ; ResourceRespawn: 8X ; CraftingTime: 0.5X ; ThrallCraftingTime: 0.5X ; ItemConvertion: 0.5X

  • Building decay: default

  • Region: Europe

  • Max. 40 players

  • Clans: max. 10 players

  • Purge: enabled (highest level)

  • Sandstorm: enabled

  • Avatar: enabled (attack and defend the base)

  • Everything else is on the default setting

Additional information (unrelated to settings):

  • Base: 1 main and 2 outposts per clan

Base sizes:

You may have one main base with outer walls. The walls may be a maximum of 20 foundation away from your base. (Pay attention, that your base doesn’t block world bosses, chests, emotes, etc)

You may have two outposts, the size of which cannot exceed 6x6 foundation. These may be used for any purpose.

Vault limit: a maximum of 3 (a vault outside the base counts as an outpost!)

  • Thralls: max. 15 per clan

  • Pets: 15 per clan
    So, you may have a maximum of 30 NPCs with a 15/15 distribution: 15 warrior thralls (fighter, dancer, bearer, archer) and 15 animals (undead creatures count as animals). You may accumulate resources in chests/fridges. Workers don’t count. Additionally, to make things easier to keep track of, you HAVE to use a feedbox and a thrall pot!


Our server-wide rules are very simple: play nice ;) To elaborate:

  • Be respectful of other players, particularly beginners

  • We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, be it political, religious, racial, and so on

  • The server currently operates as PvE-Conflict, meaning other players can only be attacked during a specific time frame

  • Building destruction is enabled but, similarly to the above, only during a specific time frame

  • We use 5x multipliers and no mods

  • Spawn killing is not tolerated

  • Usingcheats and exploiting glitches is a bannable offense

  • Building underwater is not allowed (with the exception of fisherman huts, bridges, ships etc.)

  • Don’t block world bosses, emotes, chests and passageways

  • You are allowed to build raid towers and raid bases. You may use 1 vault, but once you’ve transported your loot away at the end of a raid, you must completely dismantle said vault.

  • When you’re looting chests created by the game, make sure to close them so they can respawn.

  • You are not allowed to build lifts, stairways and ramps for the purpose of reaching Thrall camps/chests/caves or to simply create shortcuts.

  • You’ll be able to find information about potential restarts, wipes and other technical stuff on the #conan channel of the GTOGG Discord server

  • The #conan channel can be used for text-based and voice chat; this is also where you can ask any questions you may have

  • If you run into any technical issues, please inform @Csiri or @Hysteria!

That’s it! Have fun and happy hunting! Naturally, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! :D


Livestreams are held every Sunday and Monday night on the GTOGG Twitch channel, so if you play on the server during these times, you accept that you might end up featured on our stream (aka: this is your best chance to come and troll us ??)

Please note that this is a fairly new (almost experimental) server, meaning technical issues can occur. In such cases, feel free to let me know or leave a message via Discord (players will also be notified in advance of any potential maintenance times!)


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