Comedy adventure game Guard Duty blends fantasy with dystopian sci-fi

Gare – Friday, January 18, 2019 1:13 PM
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The princess has been kidnapped by a stranger in a black cloak, the King’s men are not available to help, and the only person who can save the day is the bumbling guard responsible for the whole mess to begin with. This is how Guard Duty – an upcoming point & click adventure from Sick Chicken Studios – begins, as players take on the role of Tondbert, a guard at the castle of Wrinklewood hoping to rescue his beloved princess. That, however, is not quite the full story, as Guard Duty – in an interesting twist – actually takes place in two wildly different time periods, with the other one being the dystopian future of 2074, where Agent Starborn and a resistance group are fighting to save humanity from ruin. The game, by the way, will be fully voice acted and will come in the highly nostalgic resolution of 320x240 to stay true to the spirit of the 90s classics it was inspired by.

Guard Duty is currently scheduled for a spring 2019 release for PC, Mac and Linux with cross-platform cloud save support; the developers have also unveiled a new trailer, which you can view below:



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