Co-op action-RPG Blightbound announced

Gare – Tuesday, May 19, 2020 6:01 PM
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Devolver Digital and Ronimo Games have announced Blightbound, a co-op dungeon crawling action-RPG in which the world is enveloped by a deadly fog. According to the storyline, it was a group of legendary heroes that unwittingly unleashed the so-called Blight upon the land by striking down the evil Shadow Titan, thus releasing the fog trapped in its body. With the world now succumbed to the corrupting influence of the Blight, it’s your job as heroes to leave your mountaintop safehouse and retake the land of men by visiting dungeons, slaying all sorts of monsters and – of course – by collecting all the precious loot you can along the way. Blightbound is set to release on PC via Steam later this year, with developer Ronimo Games planning free post-launch updates to add even more dungeons, loot and extra heroes to the game. Watch the announcement trailer below:


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