Classics-inspired FPS Scathe will plunge you into a literal bullet Hell

Gare – Friday, February 18, 2022 4:09 PM
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Developer Damage State and publisher Kwalee have announced Scathe, a visceral, fast-paced FPS spiced up with bullet hell elements. Inspired by genre classics, Scathe will put your reflexes to the ultimate test as you journey through Hell itself to smite every last demon standing in your way – or die trying. Not content to be a simple FPS, Scathe will launch not just an endless horde of demons at you, but countless projectiles as well – thankfully, you have an arsenal of deadly weapons at your disposal… as well as potential allies. Indeed, the game will support crossplay online multiplayer, allowing would-be players to fight alongside up to three other warriors as they blast their way through Hell. There’s a catch, however – you all share the same pool of lives, so you might want to be extra careful not to die repeatedly, as it will hurt not just you, but your entire team as well.

Check out the reveal trailer below:


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