Charlie Nash to return in Street Fighter 5

Gare – Tuesday, December 16, 2014 12:51 AM
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You’ll have to forgive me for revealing in advance the new character that will be making its return in the upcoming Street Fighter 5 – but c’mon, he’s in the thumbnail. Cut me some slack. Anyway, yes, it’s true, Charlie is back. The character itself first made its debut in Street Fighter Alpha back in 1995 as Guile’s friend and trusted comrade, and was briefly teased at the very end of an extended Street Fighter 5 trailer showcasing some of the fifth installment’s gameplay. However, if a trailer is not quite enough for you (and I’d imagine this to be the case), you can also check out these two guys beating each other up live. I mean, in the game.

Street Fighter 5 will be available only on PC and PS4; the game was also confirmed to have cross-platform compatibility, with PS4 and PC gamers being able to duke it out against each other via online multiplayer.

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