Challenging Pixel art action game Ada: Tainted Soil arrives this summer

Gare – Wednesday, February 21, 2024 5:17 PM
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Developers LaFamilia and Eneida Games have revealed a new trailer and a summer release window for their pixel art action game, Ada: Tainted Soil. In it, players will step into the role of a girl called Ada who ends up gaining magical powers after being infected by a power called the Black Ink – unfortunately, she also accidentally unleashes said Black Ink, thus corrupting the world. Using her newfound powers, she then embarks on a quest to save her family – as well as the world as a whole – while traversing countless surreal, dream-like landscapes, all teeming with danger. Ada: Tainted Soil is specifically described as a challenging experience, where players are expected to struggle in order to emerge victorious, and where careful play and strategic planning (as opposed to endless button mashing) will be the key to tackling the game’s many boss fights. Here’s the latest trailer:

Ada: Tainted Soil will be available on PC.

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