Chained Echoes, a promising 16-bit-style RPG with magic and mechs, takes to Kickstarter

Gare – Thursday, February 7, 2019 11:19 AM
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Chained Echoes, an upcoming RPG in the vein of 16-bit classics, is now up on Kickstarter, hoping to amass a little over $68,000 to fund its retro-inspired adventure. The game appears to offer everything you might want from an RPG made in this style, with a solid 20-25-hour storyline campaign, a lush world filled with varied locations to explore, a cast of colorful characters to meet and plenty of turn-based battles to fight – a huge, JRPG-esque journey, essentially, one that adds everything into the cooking pot including magic, dragons and massive, piloted mechs as well. Chained Echoes is currently in development for PC, Mac and Linux, but with a little help from the campaign’s stretch goals, PlayStation 4 and Switch versions may also get made. The developer does, however, note that regardless of whether or not the stretch goals are met, the aforementioned PS4 and Switch ports might still eventually happen at one point in the future.

Chained Echoes has been in development for a good two and half years now, and is currently scheduled to launch in September 2021.

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