Casual puzzle game Treasure Temples is out now on both PC and Switch

Gare – Friday, February 4, 2022 2:41 PM
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Indie dev GAMEDIA has launched casual puzzle game Treasure Temples on both PC and Switch. Taking place in the frozen, snow-capped landscapes of Antarctica, Treasure Temples follows the exploits of two daring adventurers on their quest to unearth untold underground riches. Featuring over 140 hand-crafted levels, the core gameplay mechanic of the game involves careful decision-making, as almost every platform you step on crumbles and vanishes behind you, making it exceedingly important to plan your path as you attempt to overcome each treasure chamber. Alternatively, the game also allows you to control two characters at the same time via its unique “duo exploration mode”, which adds an additional layer of complexity to how you solve the puzzles of each room.

Treasure Temples is currently available on Switch and PC via Steam.

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