Captain Soda will have you save Earth with the power of fizzy drinks

Gare – Tuesday, February 8, 2022 3:31 PM
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If the movie Signs taught us that aliens really, REALLY don’t like water, Captain Soda – from developer Ray Flower Games – is about to remind us that they’re not particularly fond of refreshing soda, either. Inspired in large part by Super Crate Box, the fast-paced action-platformer has you take on the role of a soda-fueled superhero who uses weaponized soft drinks to defeat a group of invaders trying to take over Earth. And when Earth is threatened, there is only one thing left to do: choose from a wide arsenal of weapons and customize your loadout before laying waste to the invading hordes with the sweet, sweet power of soda across 30+ levels. There’s also a closed alpha test coming up for the game – no specific date yet, but it’s supposed to start by the end of February.

Here’s a trailer to both get you in the mood for some alien hunting… and potentially make you really thirsty:

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