Call of Duty: Ghosts – Roll Over, Play Dead

Gare – Tuesday, October 15, 2013 10:05 PM
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Ghosts will take place in the near future, a time of turmoil where the world has suffered a massive orbital bombardment from the powerful weapon, ODIN, hacked and controlled by the organization known as the “Federation” – entire countries are thus wiped off the map, upsetting the status quo and economical balance of the world. Enter Elias Walker and his two sons, Logan and David, helped by the military-trained combat dog, Riley, as they fight to eliminate the leaders of the Fedearion and restore the crumbled United States to its former glory.

Hardly do we need to introduce Call of Duty to anyone familiar with first-person shooters – and yet, Ghosts appears to have a couple of new tricks up its sleeve nonetheless. One prominent new aspect to Ghosts – and this was the easily the most promoted aspect of the title – is its inclusion of Riley, the combat dog, not merely in a support role, but as a fully playable second character. During missions, players will have the option to synch up with and control the loyal pup, allowing them to sneak up on enemies and deliver a swift and effective lethal takedown on unsuspecting victims.


Call of Duty: GhostsPlatform: PC, PS3, PS4, XBox360, XBox OneGenre: Action, FPSDeveloper: Infinity WardPublisher: ActivisionRelease: 11/05/2013Rated: 18+PEGI

The multiplayer component of the title has also been given much attention: some of the game modes familiar to fans of previous installments make a return, along with a number of tweaks and new additions to the lineup. One new game mode introduced by the developers is Cranked, where successful kills force the player into a state known as “cranked”, giving him an extra boost, making him better and faster for 30 seconds. However, unless the player continues his successful killing spree within the allotted 30 seconds, he instantly explodes. Another new aspect to multiplayer maps is the introduction of interactive, destructible segments of the environment: with a well-aimed shot or grenade, we can launch a chain reaction, thus making life harder for our would be opponents. Riley makes a debut in multiplayer as well, helping us distract or attack foes after a successful killstreak. The other big new killstreak event introduced by the developers is the so-called ODIN Strike, which allows us to bombard a specific location on the field, killing enemies and potentially reshaping the map in the process. According to Infinity Ward, they attempted to limit the number of aerial killstreaks this time around, focusing instead on more brutal ground killstreaks. Players will also have access to Squad Mode, allowing two teams of 10 soldiers to face off against each other in four different game modes.

We can expect considerably more customization from Ghosts as opposed to previous entries in the series. Not only can we create our own class in Ghosts — in addition, we'll have the option to completely custom-tailor the look of our online soldiers, with over 10.000 different variations promised by Infinity Ward. In addition, for the first time in the franchise, players get the option to play as female soldiers in their online battles. The “Pick 10” system of Black Ops makes a return in Ghosts, albeit after a bit of tweaking: we will be able to choose from weapons, equipment and over 35 special perks divided into 7 categories.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is scheduled for release on November 5 for current-gen consoles and PC, with a slightly delayed November 22 launch for next-gen machines.

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