Call of Cthulhu gets a new gameplay trailer

Gare – Monday, September 24, 2018 3:44 PM
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Focus Home Interactive has released a brand-new gameplay trailer for the upcoming first-person horror game Call of Cthulhu, giving us another glimpse into the world of Lovecraft’s terrifying mythos. As private investigator Edward Pierce, it is vital that you rely on your detective skills in order to further your quest for the truth, as many of the adversaries you might face cannot be defeated by conventional means. To give a few specific examples, skills like “Spot Hidden” and “Investigation” help you find more clues, “Eloquence” and “Psychology” come in handy when trying to interrogate the locals, while “Strength” could very well allow you to physically intimidate someone. Needless to say, stealth is also a viable option, should you wish to go that route.

Call of Cthulhu is due out on October 30 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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