Broken Age goes physical this spring thanks to Nordic Games

Gare – Thursday, January 8, 2015 1:04 AM
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Ah, Broken Age. The Kickstarter project that started it all, from one of the legends of the adventure genre, Tim Schafer, is soon nearing its conclusion – by this, I mean that the long-awaited second half of the story – Act 2 – will be released this spring. And alongside the digital release of said second part, the game will also be releasing in a physical, box-and-disc format (on PC/Mac/Linux), if you’d prefer to have that over a digital version. The announcement arrives by courtesy of Nordic Games, with whom Broken Age developer Double Fine signed a distribution deal.

Another fairly important update to note – especially for German-speaking adventure fans – is that the game will be receiving full German voice acting for all characters – so if you speak the language and wish to experience the story in new and different way, this should be a good way to do just that.

Nordic Games’ full announcement can be read over here.

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