Broken Age Act 2 to be released early next year, estimated to be 8-12 hours long

Gare – Tuesday, December 2, 2014 4:14 PM
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Act 2 of Broken Age – Double Fine’s famously Kickstarted point & click adventure – is coming along nicely, this much we know. The exact date of when we can expect to see the continuation rear its puzzly head is, unfortunately, still up in the air, but this much we know: if you were hoping to continue the adventures of Vella and Shay before the holidays, you’ll… well, you’ll have to postpone those plans. Although Tim Schafer and his team were initially aiming to wrap the game up by the end of 2014, a recent forum post from Double Fine’s Greg Rice – the producer on the project – has confirmed that Act 2 would only be completed sometime early next year.

Nonetheless, Rice’s update has also shared some juicy details about the upcoming second chapter. Aside from both Shay and Vella’s sections of Act 2 having finally reached Alpha stage, we’ve also learned that the second installment is going to offer a solid 8-12 hours of playtime to most players (compared to Act 1’s 4-ish hours), along with puzzles that provide “a good level of challenge”. These changes no doubt come as a direct response to the two major criticisms leveled against the first part of the adventure: that is, its short length and relatively simple puzzles.

Rice’s entire post can be found over here.

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