Bravely Default’s Success Is Making Square Enix Rethink Their JRPGs

Gare – Wednesday, April 2, 2014 12:27 AM
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Square Enix surprised us all when it admitted: it might not have been the best possible decision to make drastic changes in the Final Fantasy formula in order to try and appeal to wider, more global audiences. The classic JRPG possesses a strong, unwavering fanbase to this day who – to our understanding – feel that certain recent titles in the company’s lineup, especially the trilogy started by Final Fantasy XIII, were a major misstep for Square Enix. The result of all this was that the company ended up producing “games that weren’t for the Japanese, but they ended up being incomplete titles that weren’t even fit for a global audience”, says Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda. The recent western success of Bravely Default, for example, made the company-giant realize that the old recipe still resonates with gamers – as such, we could very well expect future games to follow that path from now on. “For the new games we’ll be developing from this point on, while this may sound a bit extreme, we’ve been talking about making them as heavy JRPGs.”, Matsuda concluded.

It is difficult to predict what the future holds for Square Enix. Nonetheless, I believe it will be worth paying extra attention to their ventures in the future, as the good news regarding the company don’t necessarily end here. We must, of course, make a mention of the massive success of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and the popularity of Naoki Yoshida, the producer who almost single-handedly brought life back into a title that was deemed a massive failure upon its initial 2010 release. Square Enix has also been displaying a very positive attitude towards the PC market as of late. In a recent, February interview, the company expressed their definite interest in the platform and the possibility of having future Final Fantasy titles appear on it. If all goes well, this could even mark the return of the famous JRPG franchise’s single player installments to the PC for the first time since the release of Final Fantasy VII and VIII. In the end, this could be an exciting new chapter for Square Enix that we’re very much looking forward to.

Source: Siliconera, Eurogamer


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