Bloodmasque – the surreal vampire-hunting

PsychoDroid – Sunday, June 16, 2013 11:51 PM
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Picture the scene. You’re in Paris, it’s the late 19th century, and the whole place is ruled by vampires. What are you going to do? Hunt them down, of course! But first – and it’s a little bit creepy – you have to sacrifice your face to the gods of uncanny valley.

Square Enix announced that its new vampire-hunting action RPG mobile game, Bloodmasque, will be available this summer on all iOS devices. To further enhance the eerie atmosphere of Bloodmasque, players can use their photos (headshots) when customizing their characters, allowing them to face the vampire threat head on. Players can use existing photos or snap a picture of themselves with their devices' front-facing camera. The photos are then stylized to naturally fit the aesthetics of the game. It also allows players to customize party characters with photos of friends.
In Bloodmasque, players take the role of hunters in vampire-ruled Paris during the late 19th century. As the dark night looms for mankind, hunters must fight the vampires' insidious oppression and thwart their dark designs.

  • Customized look using tha players photo, and variety of skin tones, bone structures, and hairstyles.
  • Dark atmosphere.
  • Deep and engaging tale of the vampire hunters.
  • Intuitive and dynamic combat.

Powered by Unreal Technology, and the trailer demonstrates the game's interactive character customization technology and gameplay footage.

The vampire-hunt is on 2013 summer. iOS only.


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