Bloodborne: The Board Game’s Kickstarter campaign has already surpassed a million dollars

Gare – Wednesday, April 24, 2019 4:34 PM
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A board game adaptation of Dark Souls developer From Software’s Lovecraftian action-RPG, Bloodborne, has made its way to Kickstarter and is making all the money in the world, probably to no one’s surprise. Designed by Michael Shinall and Eric M. Lang, Bloodborne: The Board Game will allow 1 to 4 Hunters to venture into the night in search of monsters both small and large to hunt, and will feature a diceless battle system governed primarily by cards. Through stretch goals, the game will also be expanded with Chalice Dungeon rules, additional bosses, new monsters and more. The campaign’s initial goal was $200,000, but at the time of writing this article, it’s already passed the million-dollar mark with no sign of slowing down. Bloodborne: The Board Game is estimated to launch in May of 2020.


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