Blizzard’s new game is a team-based online shooter called Overwatch, beta signups already open

Gare – Sunday, November 9, 2014 11:28 PM
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Overwatch is the first original IP from Blizzard after 17 whole years, which, albeit pretty amazing in itself, also fills one with a special kind of excitement and anticipation. And we’re not only talking about fans here, but – as it was very much apparent after a quick glance at the main stage – the team at Blizzard as well. “You are about to get a glimpse… into the future”, an excited Chris Metzen said minutes before the announcement.

Then the trailer ended, the crowd roared, and we finally knew – Overwatch is a competitive, online multiplayer first person shooter with a refreshing, colorful look and plenty of charm. While initial comments were comparing the title to Valve’s Team Fortress 2 – and we honestly can’t blame anyone for doing so –, there seems to be a bit more going on here than a mere copy-paste job. Indeed, it would be hard not to notice the glaring similarities to Valve’s hugely successful online shooter – there’s a medigun here, a sentry-turret there –, and yet Overwatch takes things a step further. Several steps, in fact. Right off the bat we’re dealing with twelve characters, each with their distinct play styles and roles to fulfill. Rewind time, summon a massive dragon spirit or see through walls to snipe enemies, to name just a few of the many insane things Overwatch will let you do – the amount of variety provided here by Blizzard is looking both tremendously promising and tremendously fun. But don’t let *me* try to convince you, head on over to the game’s official site, there are plenty of videos to be had.

Blizzard revealed very little about the game’s business model at present, implying that they’re still working out whether Overwatch should be a paid or a free to play title. Answering a fan’s question regarding planned platforms, Jeff Kaplan also noted that while a console release would be “really cool” and that they’d like to see Overwatch reach as many platforms as possible one day, the game is currently only confirmed for PC.

Overwatch will enter its beta phase sometime early next year – what’s more, you can already start signing up for it right here.

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