Blackwell Epiphany – The final piece of the puzzle

Gare – Wednesday, March 5, 2014 1:07 PM
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Blackwell Epiphany’s story is shaping up to be darker than ever – the latest installment in Wadjet Eye Games’ critically acclaimed point and click adventure series is just a step away from release, the studio recently revealed. Epiphany will be the fifth and final episode in the Blackwell series, starring, once again, Rosangela Blackwell and her otherworldly partner Joey Mallone as they solve mysteries related to spirits of the dead still stuck on Earth, unable to pass on. Exactly what kind of an adventure they’ll embark on this time is still largely a mystery; what we do know, however, is that Epiphany will tell a tale longer and gloomier than its predecessors, with the well-loved duo tackling something that may very well be the biggest danger they have faced in the series’ history: “Nothing like this has ever happened in a Blackwell game before” and stakes are “immense”, writes Marcus Estrada of Hardcoregamer.

The first four episodes of the series – all bundled together – are available on Steam at present: veterans may refresh their memories regarding the stories of previous installments, while newcomers still have ample time to catch up and get themselves acquainted with all the backstory before Epiphany is released this April.


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