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Gare – Tuesday, November 19, 2013 1:21 PM
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In the past, the German development studio Daedalic Entertainment was known only for its wide array of point and click adventures (to name a few: Deponia, The Whispered World, Memoria); their latest project, however, deviates from their traditional genre and is being developed as a turn-based RPG. And not just any kind of RPG, either, for the fate of Blackguards' world rests in the hands of common killers and villains.

The Dark Eye Universe

Blackguards takes place in the world of the German-favorite roleplaying universe “The Dark Eye”, while its plot -as we have implied above- will focus not on a group of gallant heroes one would expect from a high fantasy tale, but rather a band of murderers, robbers and criminals of highly questionable backgrounds. As such, Blackguards will also be a considerably dark game: the developers, in fact, are mentioning their project as one of the darkest adventures yet to be experienced in the world of The Dark Eye. And yet, Daedalic would still remain somewhat faithful to their adventure game roots in putting emphasis on storytelling above all else: aside from a series of tactical battles, Blackguards promises a tale of several twists and surprising revelations compressed into an adventure of over 40 hours. The plot itself starts on a less than joyful note, too: we witness the grisly murder of a young princess, and are consequently blamed for the deed and imprisoned. And yet during our adventure, there will not be a single innocent soul coming to our aid: Daedalic placed emphasis on the fact that the story offered by Blackguards will not exactly consist of the kind-hearted hero riding in to save the day.

Classic turn-based fashion

The combat system of Blackguards will have players fight on battle maps, of which there are over 190, according to the developers. The battles themselves will play out in a classic turn-based fashion, with characters making moves on hexagonal fields very much reminiscent of tabletop games. Furthermore, the combat system will allow for full utilization of our environment: in one example, we saw the player characters cut a rope and launch the massive chandelier downward to take out a group of guards; in another situation, during a prison break, we opened the cells of the nearby captives who, as a token of their gratitude, proceeded to attack the guards chasing our group and thus helped us escape.

Although Blackguards is still in development, Daedalic has already made the game available via Steam Early Access, with the finished product arriving sometime in January 2014 for PC.

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