Blackguards 2 video series launched to showcase the sequel’s new features

Gare – Saturday, November 8, 2014 9:44 AM
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As you may have heard, Blackguards, the tactical, turn-based RPG released earlier this year is getting a sequel, and, as it appears, developer Daedalic Entertainment are taking fan feedback into careful consideration as they craft their brand new adventure. So much so that they’ve decided to start releasing a video series detailing every new aspect of the game, going over all the changes you can expect from the sequel. The very first of these videos has just recently been released in both English and German.

Blackguards 2 – much like its predecessor – will be focusing on strategic, turn-based battles for the majority of its gameplay – this much comes as no huge surprise. As for the storyline, the sequel introduces one Cassia as its new protagonist, a fierce and ambitious lady who starts a war campaign against the tyrant Marwan a full three years after the events of the first game. To achieve her goals, though, she needs help – and this is where some of the characters from the previous game come into the picture. Taking on the role of Cassia, you’ll have an entire world map to explore and several cities to free from under the rule of Marwan, the order of which is completely up to you, the video explains. Once you take a city, you’ll be able to take advantage of its services and have access to its sidequests, we’re told. Beware, though, as Mawan may strike back, forcing you to go on the defensive in order to protect your city against invaders attempting to reclaim it.

Future videos will go over additional gameplay features and will be released periodically right up until the game’s release sometime early next year.


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