Become the monsters you defeat in upcoming metroidvania Biomorph

Gare – Friday, August 12, 2022 5:37 PM
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Developer Lucid Dreams Studio has revealed Biomorph, a soulslike/metroidvania with a stylish 2D aesthetic. Fans of the genre will likely know what to expect: a vast, interconnected world with multiple zones, various abilities to unlock and countless enemies to tackle and overcome, but there is a twist. The enemies you defeat can be mimicked – by taking on their forms, you’ll be able to access new areas and use their abilities as your own, which, admittedly, is a pretty neat skill to have. Watch out, though, as previously killed monsters will later unlock new abilities when you revisit earlier parts of the world, forcing you to always be on your toes. Here’s the reveal trailer:

Biomorph is slated to launch for PC and consoles in 2023.

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