Become an apprentice witch and build your own witch home in REKA, coming to Early Access in 2024

Gare – Friday, December 22, 2023 3:36 AM
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Developer Emberstorm Entertainment has revealed that their upcoming witchy sandbox game, REKA, will first launch via Early Access in Q2 2024 before releasing its full version. As explained by the team, the decision to keep REKA in Early Access for the majority of 2024 was made with player feedback in mind, in order to work on and refine various aspects of the game that players would like to see expanded on or implemented. For those finding out about it for the first time, REKA is a charming little project that will let you live your best life as a young witch apprenticed to the mighty Baba Jaga, which means: you’ll get your own chicken-legged hut that you can freely decorate, you’ll roam a procedurally-generated wilderness, finding animal friends, picking ingredients, concocting potions and doing various other witchy things. And really, isn’t that what we all want? Along with the Early Access announcement comes a brand-new trailer, which showcases much of what I’ve described above. Have a look below:

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