Become a true mad scientist in Creature Lab, launching January 19

Gare – Thursday, November 10, 2022 11:45 AM
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Mad scientist simulator Creature Lab will unleash its unbridled madness on January 19, 2023, came a recent announcement from developer Image Power. Conduct the craziest of experiments, brew all kinds of concoctions and breathe life into grotesque creatures in the name of science, but make sure you’re not found out – after all, the government is probably better off not knowing about what goes on behind the closed doors of your so-called “clinic”. On your quest to find the ultimate mutagen, you’ll also have to expand your lab, send out creatures into the city to abduct further test subjects, and keep the military off your back to avoid getting raided. Think you’ve got it in you to become the ultimate mad scientist? If so, then do check out this new trailer:

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